Quantum Storage Device


Dr. Kleiner just made a new invention. It’s a storage device which can store objects in an alternative universe. Now Dr. Kleiner can store all his lab equipment in the QSD (Quantum Storage Device) and have it in his pocket.

When the QSD is activated the device will emit cosmic radiation (that will harm you if you stand to close) and the device will start the charge up sequence. The QSD will after the charge up sequence open a portal to a alternative universe. The QSD were originally built for traveling between alternative universes but because of the radiation no living person can go through the portal without dying.

The QSD can be used for storing objects.
The QSD can also be used for killing unwanted enemies. The device will not only kill them but also hide the corpses.

The portals have shown to be perfectly safe but the QSD has not.
Any damage made to the QSD may result in a rather unpleasant and unstable portal, the QSD will consume itself and all objects around it in a big area leaving nothing more than empty space.

Here is some pics


The QSD is charging up

The portal is open


Full device charging up

Full device with portal open

Activate the QSD by pressing use on it then get away from it so you don’t take to much damage from the radiation.
When the portal is open it will suck in objects in the portal, the portal will also damage players and NPC’s.

When the portal is closed all the objects will be stored in it.
When the QSD have been activated once the lights on it will change from blue to red.

If you activate the device again the portal will be red this time and all the stored objects will pop up again.

You can use the device unlimited times except if you damage it.

The QST doesn’t store entities or vehicle because it sometimes causes Gmod to crash for some reason.

Check out the video.

You can download it here:

Hope you find it fun to use.

Wow this is really cool great work ,lua kinged


This looks awesome! I’m going to try it out now!

Awesome job, sir!

Downloaded, installed, played, and it’s a great tool! :dance:

As I said on your video (But you’d probably be faster to read it here), it looks really nice. If you update this, maybe one that stores the location of objects sucked in in relation to each other? (Ex. Advanced Dupe in a can)

Very good
Where I extract the ZIP fie?

the sounds are from red alert :smiley:

In the the addons folder.

Awesome as usual. :smiley:

Nice effects! Let me fix the z issue for you. Hold on.


Oh wait, you already did.
Kick ass refract effect!


:raise: Hold on, the colour sprite isn’t.

Well I have tried it out. I doesn’t seem able to store entities. Sometimes when you try to use it, it disappears. However it is a cool mod. I would recommend it for download!

P.S. It would be cool if it could take you to the alternate dimension if you survive the initial radiation burst.

I lurve this

This is very good the way it is now but do you think there is any chance you could make it wire compatiable?

Would be simple to do.

Very neat, maybe we can make this be able to store sents and vehicles etc in a later update?



Also you seem to be on a roll lately, good work! :smiley:

I like this, because the device has some actual notable flaws to it. It makes it seem rugged and it’s amazing! Very good work!

Ha, this reminds me of the Hyper-Cube from Jimmy Neutron which I watched when I was a kid. Sick idea.

I think this would be better if the damage was not as bad and if it saved welds and stuff. This way you could move anything you want around a map with a bottle similar to what the guy above me said from the tv show.

Really nice effects.