Quantum - Utopia RP

Kuropixle released his nexus framework for the public and i’ve decided to create something out of it for my community Pr0xy-mod (http://pr0xymod.com). This is the story line I had in mind, tell me what you think. Would you play on the server? Have a better idea?

Story Line:

The story begins in a futuristic domed city called Romdo, built to protect its citizens after a global ecological disaster. In this utopia, humans and AutoReivs (androids) coexist peacefully under a total management system. The AutoReivs job is to keep humans under control, so they don’t wreck the planet again. In the domed city of Romdo (and possibly in other domed cities), various sections of the ‘government’ are referred to as Bureaux: the Intelligence Bureau, the Health & Welfare Bureau, and the Security Bureau, among others.
The AutoReivs are referred to as either ‘Companion’ or ‘Entourage’, depending on their role.
The humans in the city are grown in artificial wombs, but this is more of a form of control over the population rather than an absolute necessity. Likewise, when a new person is grown, they are done so to fulfill a specific purpose, thus ensuring that person’s future place in society through a “raison d’être” (i.e., a “reason for being”).

So? Tell me what you think and if I should create something out of it.

note: keep your mouth shut if you recognize this from TV, I want an unbiassed opinion.

Yes but I’d like to know more about what the main activities are in the city. Obviously you need something to distract the ‘younger folk’ from veering off into hoarding guns and killing people constantly.

That depends on your raison d’être. You may be assigned to work for one of the Burros as a doctor, police officer, or AutoReiv disposal unit. In our custom map, everyone will have there own apartment, and a large shopping complex (one for everyone i mean). Your raison d’être determines your pay.

When you first join the server, it will decide randomly wether or not to make you automatically a “fellow citizen” meaning you came from the artificial womb and automatically have a raison d’être. Or you are an immigrant, where you have to do all the dirty work fellow citizens aren’t allowed to do.


NOTE: raison d’être is pronounced RAISE-un DEH-truh



Randomized selection won’t be attractive to players, maybe make it so that you have to play X hours as an immigrant to make a fellow citizen character?

That would defeat the purpose of the artificial womb, but ok, i scan see how this is a better plan. Well do away with the artificial womb, although it doesn’t look as if the poll is doing to well.

Perhaps at the character creation scene you can select what your raison d’être would be from alist of choices?

Makes sense. Selectable from a Data Base table of available options. I like it; I shall take you as my wife and call you Debbi.

I am sorry, my raison d’être is to be named Fluffy. :V

So basically. Your purpose for existence, and grand contribution to society is, in fact, Fluffy. I like it :3

:3 Glad you do. This is a huge contribution to society, and I have been awarded for it.

But unless the poll does good and people actually want this game-mode. your Raison d’être wont exist.

Noooo! Vote yes to help the fluffies :3

I think that the scenario needs some sort of conflict

Why every RP has to do something with action/conflict/DM? Can’t you just have a nice, passive roleplay scenario?

active roleplay doesn’t have to be action 24/7, in the case of HL2RP you often spend more time planning than acting. Passive roleplay gets old… fast, conflict is what fuels us

I was a super administrator and owner of 2 different HL2RP servers, so I know exactly what you mean. Not only does it take a good roleplayer to passive roleplay, but it will get old fast.

Maybe we could have some problems like, an AutoReiv virus that causes them to believe they are human, and immigrants job is to capture the infected AutoReivs and destroy them. That would be how immigrants become citizens, by protecting the citizens from the infected AutoReivs.

Please, post ideas.

Malfunctioning androids is something that you could build on, and tension between the refugees and the government