Quantum Welder Grenade (Weldball)

Made from this request : http://forums.facepunchstudios.com/showthread.php?t=456261

Updated, current version is 0.9

This grenade sucks all nearby objects, players and NPCs, and welds them in a ball-shaped mass of props when it runs out of energy. The dead grenade will remain there, in the center of this big mass, and will detonate if it gets damaged, blowing the mass apart, and launching its props in all directions.

You can detonate it using secondary fire too.


I have taken the model from SMOD, which was originally used for a gravity grenade too.

Video here, thanks to ryno5660. This video shows an old version of this SWEP.

No known bugs.

Possible improvements :

  • Add a better explosion effect (some scripted effect coded by myself and not stolen from another one’s SWEP…)
  • Temporarily removing physical properties from entities such as Bouncy Ball, that just don’t stay in the gravity field because of their bounciness.

Have fun. :slight_smile:

It’s released? Awesome beans, man!

I was gonna do this but ya beat me too it - seems like you took your time with it though. What is that model? A scanner ball? And are those particle effects I see in the screenshots?

Yeah, I’m actually at 50% uploading a video to youtube (I literally JUST learned how to use source recorder, forgive me.)

I have taken the model from the gravity grenade from SMOD. Yes, it looks like a combine scanner because it uses the combine scanner textures. You will notice that there is a “models” folder in the addon, but no “materials” folder. :v:

Oh, awesome, do you mind if I put it in my first post when it will be done ? I can’t use Source Recorder correctly because I’m using a Steam emulator for school proxy reasons (but I have actually bought the game, no worries), and my laptop is so crappy that my framerate drops to 3 FPS when I’m using Fraps.

Also, I don’t know what special feature to add for a secondary fire. Any ideas ? :v:

Yeah sure, stick it in.

It’s low quality, the video is twitchy (don’t ask why) and the first 2 shots of the grenade went haywire. Still, that doesn’t happen often. When it does it’s fun.

Haha, awesome. I love the scanners part, it was funny how they all exploded at once. Also, it seems that headcrabs make nice and round balls with that weapon. :v:

Yeah, headcrab ball was a perfect one.
And the scanners I found funny myself, I sat there shaiking off a blinding hit from one, they close in on me only to get dragged back and blown to bits.
The indiidual parts like to orbit the ball too.

Oh, also, I’ve just opened your video in Youtube… Well it’s _Kilburn with a single L, not two. :v: Funny how everyone is doing that mistake.

ah shit.
Don’t worry, I bet people don’t have your name.


Oh, and a good alternate fire function could be grenade detonation? Or even better, the same thing but it doesn’t remove the gravity.

You should make it explode on it’s own after a few seconds of sucking things in.

It wouldn’t be a weldball anymore, then…

How about secondary fire unwelds everything then throws them in all directions as fast as possible. Violent Unweld Attack :science:

Well, shooting on a dead weldball already does that, though it’s not powerful enough. I will try to change the force. Or you can do it, just change the swep_weldball_blastforce console variable. :v:

I meant that it cycles through all ents connected to itself unwelds then apply an impulse of around 1000000 to it acting directly away from the nade.
It’s easy you throw one and it pulls everything in once it stops yanking everyone wonders over to try and workout what happened then Wham 6-10 phys_prop kills at once.

Well, look at the code, it’s exactly what it does, except you have to shoot it so it happens. It’s just not powerful enough, I will try 1000000. :v:

Ok, I will modify it so you can detonate it using secondary fire, then.

Or… maybe turn the props into “homing props” that will get random targets and chase them until they die, then turn back into normal props ?

Does this work with the GM beta?

That is pure mentality, a homing barrel. Nah, the extreme force would be enough. If it isn’t racking up kills, change the properties to make it really bouncy.


Well all gm10 weapons I have come across don’t…Try it.

_Kilburn for Lua God!

This is great, and really well put together, console commands, everything.

The secondary fire, i think, should be a sticky version. Throw it on something (or someone :D), wait 5 secs and then it does the same thing as primary :smiley:

Edit: No, make what i just said the primary :smiley: And the secondary: As soon as the ball hits the ground, it activates