Quarantine Mod for Dark RP servers

I have an idea for a Mod that people can put on Dark RP, or really any kind of RP server, and am wondering if any Lua Coders are interested in helping me. There isn’t really a format I’m writing this info in, I guess bullets.

It would be called Quarantine, and would be simliar to the Lockdown function.

For the mod to work, there would have to be headcrabs pretty much idle, in little nooks and crannies, back rooms of warehouses and in the sewers. If anyone were to be bitten by a Headcrab, the bitten player would slowly die, and Spawn in the same place as a Zombie. A PM would instantly be sent to the Mayor when the player was bit informing him, and recommending he initiates a Quarantine.

The Quarantine turns all of the Cops’ models into the Gas Masked models, and anybody not inside of there homes would be shot.

The Player who is a Zombie can turn anyone into zombies. Cops turn 50% slower, and the Mayor takes 2x the amount of time to turn.

When all of the Infected are killed, a PM is sent to the mayor. If the Mayor has been turned, there will be no way to tell when all of the infected are killed.

Infected players do not spawn until the end of the Quarantine.


Perhaps I will give every infected player 5 lives. Each zombie will keep spawning until he is Killed 5 times, and then they will not spawn until the Quarantine has ended.

If the Zombies completely overrun the town, there will be a minute or two of zombie fun and then everybody will respawn as there previous jobs.

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omg thats awsome

You think so? I want to get enough help from Coders and such to make this possible.

seems fun, but pretty mingy.

I don’t think its that mingy. Maybe change it so that if you are infected and get killed you dont sit there waiting for ever.

magical elixer to turn back to human


I that’s why I made the edit, entertaining the idea of giving infected people 5 lives. maybe i’ll bring it down to 3.

This is a bit odd, because not so long ago I made a script that kinda did this.

I like this idea.

Pretty much whenever you got attacked by a headcrab, a zombie would appear in your place and it would start spectating that zombie.


Would you be interested in helping me Code this Mod? I have no experience with Lua, so I’m going to need all the help I can get.

I will attempt to make a module for it, dosent seem to hard.

Should I try to have a purple outline(stencils) made around the infected player and give them extra health?

This sounds pretty awesome.

Yeah, that’d be great.

If you’re still working on it add me on steam.