Quarians Studying a Damaged Geth.

I’ve been to lazy to pose anything recently, especially anything large scale. I have had ideas flowing for some good poses, now I just need to find the enthusiasm and time to pose them.

In the meantime I have these two pictures. If you’re interested too, there will be a Vortigaunt Chronicle related picture and perhaps soon afterward a Vortigaunt Chronicle picture plus story canon to the tales prior which will kick of a major event…



The lighting is really dull and I don’t like the colour filter. It would work if there would be some shading, but there isn’t and therefore it won’t.

It’s nice, but as Joazzz said, it looks really bland and dull. But other than that it’s fine.

Its very very bright.
Not the kind of pictures I like.

They’re…studying him by shoving a handgun into his chest cavity? Good posing and editing, but the scanner (I guess it is) really does look a lot like a gun.

I like the pose on the red dude in the background, and apparently your avatar is examining your picture.

i love your pictures.

The posing looks very stiff on the Background male Quarian(First Picture), and the lightning on the picture is quite dull(Too bright) as people above said.

Posing on the other quarians is neat and the angles are ok.

It’s hard to explain what I was going for, but it’s kind of like a observational stance or some shit.

It’s like some strange welding tool from BF2142.