Quarries. What is there to know about them?

Aside from the basics of what to look for when you drop a charge and how high a grade of each resource it has the potential produce, is there any conclusive or comprehensive information on surveying out there? I can’t seem to find much.

It seems like an awful lot of guess work, which is expected but I feel like aside from avoiding sand biomes, there isn’t much you can do but craft tons of charges and pray.

Am I seriously under-educated here or is there really not much more to it than that?

From Devblog 71, quoted by Maurino:

Of course, since that Pumpjacks have been removed from the game so the Oil comments are obsolete.

Furthermore, info is available on the topic at Rust Wikia.

Survey Charge
Mining Quarry

Don’t think this is particularly out of date.