Quarry changes need more balancing

So the quarry changes for this week, while justified, has left most players lacking multiple resources now that we have to go to specific areas for HQM quarries.

So currently, Winter biome is lacking cloth, Forest biome is lacking rock nodes, Desert Biome is lacking trees. Which is fine. Deciding where to build should have its UPs and DOWNs, but there needs to be more balanced. Since the winter biome is where you need to be for more HQM quarry locations there needs to at least be an increase of wolves, deer, and bears to accommodate the cloth need. The forest Biome i think just needs more nodes in general since that is the general area for building for most people. As far as the Desert is concerned its where it needs to be I think.

Man, if these terrible lacks of localized resources continue you might just have to (gasp) trade with the inhabitants of other biomes.

It’s like that might’ve been the idea…

I used 10 survey charges in the snow biom and not a single one yelded HQM

In theory since all these are preplaced this is quite possible to do.

You know what I’d love to see is an admin going around taking 3 separate 1km by 1km square areas in each of the biomes, spamming them with charges, marking them on their map(doesn’t have to be exact) and posting it.

As long as the resource placement isn’t random, but rather calculated in a seeded “random” like the terrain generation, I expect we will see resource overlays on the map generators soon enough.

I’ve dropped close to 100 survey charges all over the desert and haven’t found a drop of oil yet. I had 2 pumps (near my base in the desert) and they produced oil. Well, until the update, that is. Now they’re just useless items cluttering the landscape.

And I’ve also dropped a good 50 charges in the arctic at my secondary base and not a single hit on high quality ore either. Only place I’ve been getitng HQM since the update has been barrels and rad towns.

So while making resources more scarce in 1 area in favour of another isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I think they rather botched the balance on this one. Resources shouldn’t be this hard to find in the regions where they’re supposed to be abundant. And I don’t think any region should be devoid of an important resource. Scarce, yes. But not empty.

I’ve used over 700 charges in The arctic biom hoping to find oil, plenty of hqm but zero oil I understand it’s rare but jeese…Honestly trading would be just to tedious sense the player you need will be on the opposite side of the map, what I think we have here is an excellent example of what vehicles will be good for, it would solve the problem almost entirely and make for some fun and interesting game play for people to have supply convoys don’t cha think?

700?! :nope:

I would have just moved elsewhere after 100. Who am I kidding, 10.

The desert is nice this time of year.

Same for me, I tried that too… Seems it is not just rare, extinct would be more apt.

Theres exactly one hemp plant in this massive winter mountain biome I am in. It’s surrounded by this weird wastelandish biome with leafless trees and brown grass, where nothing at ALL spawns except mushrooms and the occasional ore node.

Going into a forest, you either find 10 hemp bushes within 5 minutes or you don’t find any at all in an hour.

I’ve never seen wolves or bears respawn, I’ve encountered one chicken within 20 hours of playtime, and horses in a snowy mountain peak is weird and annoying since animals still defy gravity.

If biomes are going the route of exclusive resources then you should definitely actually be able to find the material itself in the correct biome.


This. Right now, these important resources are far too scarce in the biomes in which they’re supposed to be found. It shouldn’t be this difficult to find them.

Yeah oil is a myth from the old times :_:

Just invade another clan somewhere in the desert and say that you’re liberating the nakeds that are under their iron rule.