Quarry drop rate

I have been looking for the quarry blueprint for a month. I looked around in radtowns collecting stacks of 60 blueprint fragments as I’ve read the quarry is a uncommon one. After making loads of blueprint pages I didn’t get it. Can you cofirm me that it’s a blueprint page drop? In that case, is the drop very low?


This guide shows it as a page, but with a .1% (1 in 1000) chance.

Best bet is to trade with someone for a quarry and research it with the bp fragments instead, just find someone willing to trade but be careful not to get robbed for the stuff you’re offering before you get the quarry!

Quarry research percentage chance can be increased to 100% with one frag.



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Is this true? At the web dustNbone said says that it’s not researchable.

you dont want no quarry, its too slow and require too much low grade fuel

This is a bug. I’ve seen it with the Oil Pump but not a Quarry.

That’s what oil pumps are for! :smiley: Not much use if you’re in the snow like us though lol