quarry output when not logged on

My users are complaining that their quarrys output considerably less when they are not logged on.

is this a feature or a bug?

Neither. Your users are getting their resources taken by people who know how to climb a rock and jump over poorly constructed walls.

^ opinion. I don’t actually know, but I am pretty damn sure that it wouldn’t assign an ownership and a variable production rate based on owner connection status…

your points are valid but we have tested in an area with admin/zone protection and staying logged on vs off and it seems to be the case. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this.

yes I have seen clever players on my server get over almost anything.

Can you share you data?

Not the case on my server anyway. Always keep my stuff running when I log and I get the same exact stuff whether I’m logged or not.

Must be a sneak thief about. Tip - don’t rely on walls alone as any wall can be scaled.

i guess its a matter of time not being a constant ya know! If you stand in front of the quarry and look at stones and iron dropping in, it looks very slow. => Feels slow…

now you log out, maybe have sex with your wife or wash your car…return and the loot is full of stuff!
Looks faster than before.!

It’s like Grandma used to say: A watched pot never boils!