Queen of Blades (Sarah Kerrigan) for Gmod

http://i.piccy.info/i9/c1779cdb7ce9b4325e24cc50810101c2/1388621045/14884/648127/gm_construct0006_800.jpghttp://i.piccy.info/a3/2014-01-02-00-04/i9-5684307/800x500-r/i.gif http://i.piccy.info/i9/30089c7fadfff67532ece4b125a85aa1/1388620946/94952/648127/2013_12_13_00001o_800.jpghttp://i.piccy.info/a3/2014-01-02-00-04/i9-5684306/800x450-r/i.gif
Zerg Sarah Kerrigan from SC2 for Gmod. Features WoL and HotS skins, eyeposing and crappy faceposing (it’s my first more or less successful attempt to do it).

***Credits: ***
Original models and textures: Blizzard
Porting from SC2 (to SFM): shaotek
Physics, porting to gmod, faceposing: Victarion
Ideas, getting HotS textures, testing, screenshots: Buttercup_xv (facepunch)


And I think anyone who knows what this game is just had an orgasm.

Including me.

Hugs and cries at the same time

And to think some of us had given up, this happens.

Quick odd thing: are the wings able to be separated from the original files before it was imported to gmod/SFM? I’m hoping to make a new model that would use said wings with another, larger character. If that’s possible of course.

Not really sure if it’s what you want, but I can separate the wings and send them to you. Will the .max format do?

That could work. If possible, could you send me the file in obj format as well?

Here, both .max and .obj. The .max ones are still bound to the bones.

Thank you very much. Hopefully this will work with what my friends and I have in store.

A long time coming thank you for your hard work and being so kind to share this with us.