Question about admin controls


On multiplayer, is there a way to have the admin take damage from other players? I made a server for me and my friend. We were shooting each other but I could not take damage for some reason.

Were both of you not taking damage or just you?

Because you either have god mode by an admin mod, or you didn’t turn on sbox_plpldamage you can do this by typing
sbox_plpldamage 1 in the rcon. If you have ULX you will have to go to the menu and do it.

Or you can put this in your server.cfg
sbox_plpldamage “1” — This allows players to be damaged
sbox_godmode “0” — This Turns off God mode 1 is to turn it on. So no one gets damaged.
sbox_playergod “0” – Same as players have god this is 0 so players don’t have god.

thanks for the replies.

I have another issue also. I am following the tutorial here to make a gmod server.

I went through the whole tutorial, started gmod, found my server and joined. Although I dont think im an admin. I tried to change the level in the console with “changelevel” command but I get a message saying cant change level, not running server. The tutorial mentioned nothing about admin controls.

You need to be using a admin mod.

ULX, Envolve, and ASSMod are all admin mods (choose what most comforts you)

really? theres not a default admin setup that comes factory built?

you should run changelevel command serverside, not clientside
that’s what rcon made for

Sanya, is correct. Check what your RCON_Password is, then run:


rcon_password ‘yourpassword’
rcon changelevel “Map”