Question about admins.


Me and my friend just killed a player. He was the brother from a admin. The admin came along the loot place. We where shooting at him but he didn`t die. Also he used the uber hatchet on my friend.

Can u report a admin or not?


Just change the server^^

No, You cannot report a admin.

People buy server’s with their own money and than are allowed to do what they want.


I hope the next updates deletes admin powers.

It’s like hoping that your parents lose their ability to be your parents on the next update/patch

this people paid for their own server, and they can do anything they want. if you really hate badmins, just play on the official server. no admin ;p

Ya but official servers have reset.

Switch to a server with no abusive admins and let the abusive admins play by them selves.

Yeah, and I also hope police lose all their powers!!
I hate having to follow peoples rules, let me do whatever I please.!!

They do not buy servers with their own money…they RENT them from a server provider. That said, yeah…admins are allowed to do whatever they want in Rust. They can shit all over whoever they feel like. If you want a game where admins have to abide by the same rules as players, it’s not Rust.

Find a server where the admins are impartial and not douches. It might be hard but I promise you, they exist.

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