Question about applejack and mysql

So, I’m pretty new to setting up servers, setting up MySQL and Lua. My ultimate goal is to create a nice Semi-serious roleplay community ( Don’t slate me for this- please :slight_smile: ) and perhaps code in some entities myself.

The whole point of hosting a server myself was to really engage in a learning experience with lua and to perhaps get a community going in the future.

Here it goes though, I’m having some issues setting up Applejack for the first time…
Whenever someone joins the server they experience the black “loading… Press Jump to reconnect” screen…
I think it’s an issue with MySQL. I have set the configurations correctly (I think) in sv_config.lua and I have a free MySQL server…If anyone would be willing to give me help either here or via Steam that would be great…

Thanks in advance

When in Gmod, press Alt + F4. This will reload the MySQL database.

Ohh thanks sherlock, that helped

You mad?

In the applejack mysql configuration the password doesn’t have "'s around the password. Put them there and it will work.

Also if you got the mysql from dramaunlimited it wont work. Use the original cider .sql and add _Details and _Misc to it.

it should look like this:
GM.Config[“MySQL Host”] = “”; – The host that your MySQL database is located.
GM.Config[“MySQL Username”] = “mysqlremote”; – The username that you log into MySQL with.
GM.Config[“MySQL Password”] = “P_W0rD”; – The password that you log into MySQL with.
GM.Config[“MySQL Database”] = “roleplay”; – The name of the database that we’ll be using.
GM.Config[“MySQL Table”] = “players”; – The name of the table where the player data is stored.