Question about Binary Modules.

I am currently learning lua and I am very basic when it comes to scripting so I was wondering what binary modules are and what they are used for. Thanks.

I have no idea what you’re talking about, though once again I am tired. Binary is a other programming language.

I dont think its binary language, its written in C++ in Visual Basic an then turned into a DLL, I am just curious what it does and how its used in lua.

Oh my god this is painful to read.

Ok, so to begin with, binaries (In windows, read ‘DLLs’) are most often coded in C++, but can be compiled from pretty much any language that reduces to native machine code.
GMod binary modules are used to add functionality to GMod, most often comprising of interaction between the host machine and the game itself. An example of this would be the socket module, which allows connection to other machines the internet, or other programs on the host machine listening through loopback.

TL;DR: Binary modules add functionality to Lua which does not already exist, Binary is not a programming language, it is a representative store for information, and if you’d like to get started making them please learn C++ and the Lua API first.
Basic C++ Tutorials
Somewhat more advanced, a tutorial on C++/Lua interaction.

Thanks so much, again I have almost no knowlage about coding so sorry for my mistakes.