Question about blocking the DarkRP server

Hello, the DarkRP server was blocked with the reason for displaying 18+ content. The support representative reviewed the complaint and did not understand the situation. On the evidence provided as a complaint, you can see a window that is displayed thanks to the lua script of the player himself. With this system, you can block absolutely any server with the initiative of the player. I beg you to deal with this situation, since servers with such a system will not be allowed to live. IP46.174.49.180:27015


I have read several times what you have written but I don’t understand anything. What is the problem with this server?

Sorry I don’t understand Russian, can you explain it to me in English please?

Sorry, the creator of the server received threats, for not fulfilling the requirements, the offenders sent a false complaint about displaying 18+ content. Server blocked :frowning:

I understand better, the server has been blacklisted by Rubat (he is the game maintainer) after false reports? If this is the case and according to the information on the Wiki, you should contact Rubat through his email address: Server Operator Rules - Garry's Mod Wiki (at the bottom of the page)

Server was absolutely rightfully banned in my opinion. I was the observer of the things that happened on your gmod server and there was in fact an nsfw 18+ content. Also your admins are complete degenerates do something with them

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The plaintiff of this complaint asked those loyal to his server to add likes to the complaint, hoping that they would unban the server that promotes Nazism and imposes pornography. More than once they put pictures of naked black women on people from other countries to mock them. The person who complained about the server was most likely the only one who read the game’s policy. Please do not feel sorry for this rotten server.

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I have been playing on this server for 2 years and have never seen anything forbidden, especially so that the server itself shows banned content