Question about C4

Hi, I just wanna start a thread about the explosives becauses I have a few problem with it’s conception :

First of all, just remind way to get C4 :

-Kill zombies
-Craft Explosives => C4
-Raid other players

After a few amount of hour on the game, me and my friend (we are 3) never see any “explosives”, BP or item directly.
But after our hours played, we have been raided, by 3 men who placed like 8 C4 for destroy our doors.

We were like sure they were having craft them, and in our base they get more than 3K gunpowder how was useless for us (enought ammo …)
So my main one problem is, when you don’t have a big enought “clan” or “team”, you can’t get any airdrops, so can’t get the Explosive BP in it (If it’s in).

Now my main question is :

How is it possible to raid/defend finely your base whitout this craft, when people who raid you can get enought gunpowder to do 10 raid like that with C4, only by using a few C4 on your door, while you cannot raid because the amount of C4 on zombies is too small and the base are nearly only raidable only with C4.

i totaly agree with you. me and my friend have the same problem, i have no idea how you are suposed to get explotions.

You get new friends in game to party up with, survival instinct… “like in real life” then you will became a big group to… there are some “good” guys in the game. we are now 5-8 and growing.

Use a LOT more metal doors. I have at least 8 between my entrance and my loot room personally. Make it so inconvenient to get to your loot that most raiders give up because of the resources required.

its not hard to get explosives. i did only pay 250 metal frag… to reserce it from a player :slight_smile:

Usually what I do, I just build the house high as well, my front door has 3 metal doors, and then a doorway with two more, another doorway to the staircase with three. Each floor after the bottom floor is about 5 each as well, so 5 stories is about 30+ metal doors equaling 90~ C4.

8x C4 sounds like 4x doors. You obviously need more doors :wink:

You’ve either got to try and defend in combat or just leg it with your stuff Sure you can’t do that if you’re not online but that’s pretty much it. Do be prepared for trolling and your doors to be replaced with new doors from the siege team though :wink:

Alternatively… just don’t stockpile so much gear so you’re not loosing as much and really focus on getting all the components to get C4 so you can do the same.

It’s ok for more door, but we are 3, it’s one door for each, not really a problem, but we cannot destroy wall, cannot edit wall, cannot replace wall so it’s so easy to come from the top of the build (limited rool to go to chest room)

EDIT : Please, I don’t talk about the defence, it’s fine I think, but about the C4 !
Whitout the Explosive craft, we stock a lots of gunpowder, people who raid are sure to get enought to make another C4 after while we can’t raid whitout getting this craft !

As far as I know explosives ONLY drop from airdrops (or at least thats the only place I have seen them). I have explosives in both US and EU server and I only run with 2 guys at a time tops so its not hard to get.

We got it our self out of a airdrop on EU, I grabbed it and ran to base and my 2 friends ran at the guys in full kevlar to distract them so I could get away to research it and in US I asked some guys in a big base if they would be willing to trade me 1 explosive for an M4 with slot and they said sure. They had one naked guy come to our base and make us the explosive we gave him an M4 and we all researched the explosive.

Simple as that. IT CAN be done with only a couple people and we do it every day. I base with Redell and thats IT just me and him and we have a huge castle set up that ONLY the 2 of us built together.

I have a hard time believing that people with a friend or 2 cant do that same thing we did and get started easy.

Like they say run in and before anything else find metal door blue print. Then get some wood together make a shack with furnace collect JUST enough wood to get a 1x1 with metal door and then from there you can grow.

Not many people will waste 3 explosive charges on a 1x1 with metal door cause its not worth the resource return value.

The explosive BP is only in airdrops as of now… Soon they will be in rad zones and on Zombies. Just wait. It was quickly added to the game.

Crafting c4 is hard my friend. They maybe stay in a good spot to farm Sulfur.

Do you have 8 going completely around your storage room, because they can just blow up the walls making your doors completely useless lol…

My suggestions, ask a group if they are willing to make a trade with you.

1 Explosive for XXX Metal. You can then go back home (if they don’t kill you) and research explosives.

I’ve done this many times