Question about CPUs running Source Servrs

My server is a four core virtual box at 2.9ghz E5-2690, apparently with turbo boost disabled. I have asked if I could get moved to a higher clock speed CPU, since source is single threaded and can’t use more than one core at one time. My host is trying to say that a higher clock speed is not always the case for source servers, but I have been told by many people a higher clock speed is better than source servers…

From my own personal experience, higher clock speed CPU’s have treated me much better than lower ones with more cores…

Can someone confirm who is right / wrong because I’m really anxious to know.

My TTT starts lagging at about 30 players, pretty bad. When I type “stats” into the console, it shows the CPU core is at about 99%.

The same goes for my zombie survival, which is a bit less demanding. It starts lagging at 38 players at 99% on another core. (I have four cores)

I’m just wondering how people like “Modified DarkRP” are able to get 84/84 smoothly without lag. Noxious runs their Zombie Survival at 75/75 which is much heavily more modified smoothly without lag.


So what is correct to say about above?

It’s a matter of RAM, bus speed, internet connection and also to some extent CPU. However source was never really made for more than 30 players so without spending an extreme amount of additional resources, you might not be able to achieve much more.

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But yeah, the connection could just be too limited. Or the RAM can’t handle that many players.

A VDS is not the same as a dedicated box. That’s probably your problem.

If it helps to compare, I have a dedicated box with an Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q9650 @ 3.00GHz w/ 4 cores and I can run a DarkRP server at 55 players without too much lag (it’s playable at least)

RAM is nothing in Source, my server uses at most 500mb when it’s full

I used to have an E3 1240 with a perp server being able to run about 60ish people without lag at 33 tick. It certainly will improve the quality of your server, at the moment I’m on an E5, at 2GHz on a VPS and I find I get exactly the same as you, with the TTT lagging horribly at 25+ players, and the bigger problem is, I run two TTT servers, they both use up 30-35% of all CPU and I can only run 2 servers on a quad core VPS.

You’re sharing resources with others, not only that there can be other factors on VDS/VPS systems.

For what you’re paying you could get an entirely dedicated box with better specs and knowledge that you are the only person using them.

How much do you pay for your server?

I’m at about $100 / month but I think I’ll take up Limestone’s offer on this I saw on Web Hosting Talk:

Intel Xeon E3-1270 (3.4GHz/core)
5,000GB outbound bandwidth
100mbps uplink port speed
Unmetered inbound bandwidth

Coupon Code: GWWHT925B

NFO guarantees that I have four E5-2690 cores, but it feels like a Pentium 4…Lol

Fancy using my referral link if you go through with it?

No problem, PM it to me.

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Ordered E3 1270 v2 from Limestone

If they’re charging $100 per month for giving 4 cores of an E5-2690, which is worth well over 2 grand, I think they’re overloading it.

That doesn’t matter, these companies don’t work like that. They have contracts and leases and whatnot. They don’t figure on making a profit in 1 month, they figure on making a profit over the lifetime of a server.

They most likely aren’t overselling, you are just using a VDS/VPS system… it is NOT a dedicated server.

A $2000 processor to you is 8 cores and super fast. A $2000 processor to them, is 4 customers (which means they save server space which they have to pay for by maximizing the speed of their components on each server)

EDIT: and to be clear, you’re not even getting a half decent deal with them.

You know that 84/84 slot server is hosted on a 4 code vds there as well so I wouldn’t be so quick to blame them.

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Also, you’re right they are not over selling. You literally cannot sell dedicated cpu vps servers. There hypervision etc etc etc bla bla bla.

I’m not sure if NFO are over priced considering there impressive support for network related issues. I mean you pay for what you get, and at NFO you get a fair bit. There’s a reason a LOT of seasoned communities use them currently.

It is not a dedicated server though.

You’re paying $140 a month for a 100mbps uplink with 5TB of bandwidth–that is bad.

[Modified-DarkRP] uses a 4 core VDS from NFO? O.o

No it isn’t.

The CPU is dedicated, feel free to research into it before replying with incorrect facts & the uplink is 1GB. You pay because there all behind hardware firewalls with software deep pack inspection as secondary, which is simulated to be at the network level by doing it on the hypervisor. And an extremely impressive interface they developed which allows you to create rules on the fly as well as take packet data at the network level.

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Yes, it really is. I’m aware of what Modified-DarkRP uses hardware wise, are you? If not then don’t be a muppet with your replies. People may assume I’m lazy when it comes to updates or unbanning people, but our server hardware & network maintenance is where I spend most of my time.

Actually IIRC I asked on steam a week or so back and was told it runs on a 6 core AMD processor. Things might’ve changed though.

And it isn’t a gigabit uplink:
“5,000GB outbound bandwidth
100mbps uplink port speed”
100mbps uplink port speed means 100mbps and not 1gbps.

And it cannot be a 100% dedicated CPU because there is an overhead in sharing the processor and running their own software.

Not sure why they advertise 100mbps, it is 1gb. The overhead is extremely small, relating to something you could not chart by any easy means. The CPU is dedicated at the hardware level NOT the software level. As I’ve said 3 times, go research the damned thing.

If it’s an NFO VDS then I’ll bet money on the lag not being caused by the fact it’s a virtual machine.

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edit: Seems I might be wrong, but I’m sure tim told me 2 weeks ago that they ran from NFO. Yea, I got it confused with another DarkRP server sorry.

Wow. Maybe you should check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Internet flaming is a serious crime, punishable by being banned by some 10 year old kid who paid $19.99 USD and who hasn’t even hit puberty.

You’d best watch yourself Pantho.

I suppose the only way you could chart the difference is by the fact that they make more money by selling a VDS. I’m sure if a VDS was as good as a DS there wouldn’t be any distinction from hosting companies any more.