Question about Dark Souls models extraction

Hello and thanks for your useful posts.

I am trying to make a Dark Souls cosplay and I would to use 3d models as reference. I tried a few times using Dark Souls Ricks Tools and Noesis (along with another tool called Burton-Radons/Alexandria) in order to extract the models and textures.

I achieved extracting Dark Souls models and textures (but I have separated body, head, legs ecc…) but I couldn’t find any way to extract Dark Souls II models and textures.

I am quite a noob but I would like to know the following things:

  • How can I extract Dark Souls II models (I already tried Rick Tools, Alexandria)?
  • Once I have 3d parts which can be opened with Noesis, how do I “build the entire body” (attach the parts)?
  • As another could you provide me the following .obj models: Lautrec, Black Knight, Heide Knight

Thank you very much!

Do you have Dark Souls 2 or Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin? If you have the latter, I’m sorry to tell you that model extraction is broken with all known tools. The meshes always end up deformed in some crazy way, although the textures can be extracted.

If you just have the normal DS2, you can use BinderTool to unpack and decompress the DS2 archives. It should work properly.

Hello huntingrifle and thanks for your answer.

I have the “standard” Dark Souls II version and I was able to unpack the files:

Unfortunately if I use the BinderTool to extract the textures I only get empty folders… I tried with Rick Tools (Gibbed.DarkSouls.TextureConvert) and I was able to extract them:

Unfortunately if I open the file with Noesis I get only a blank model:

I tried copying the textures from the subfolder to the folder where the flv file is:

But the model appears with a wrong texture:

Can you please help me?

Thank you very much!

You would need to export the flv as obj with the UV’s flipped.

Hello, I tried to convert the flv to obj with “Flip UV’s” option and I got a single obj file. If I save that file to a new folder and I open it I get the blank model again.

If I save the obj to the same folder as the textures I get the following:

Which is still wrong, it seems that the texture is just too small? Pardon me if I am not using correct terms but I am a very noob. The helmet should be like this:


the texture itself is fine. the problem is that the UV map is screwed up, so you’ll have to fix it manually.

Hi Ageha and thanks for your answer, is this something I can do in Noesis?

You’d have to fix the UV map with your modelling program of choice, if I recall correctly.

Unfortunately I don’t think I have the required skills to do this, I didn’t even know what the UV mapping was before looking into Wikipedia :frowning:
Probably I just have to look online for more reference images for my Dark Souls II cosplay and abandon this model extraction attempt.

Anyway if someone thinks even a complete modelling noob could do this and would like to help me providing tutorial videos or links, this help would be very appreciated!

Send me all the files, I’ll see what I can do.

Hello huntingrifle,
I sent you a private message.

Please let me know if you need anything.


So rather than respond to you simply via PM, I’m posting here so anyone else who has this issue can see the issue.

This issue was that the UV map (AKA the texture coordinates that the texture files follows to fit the model properly) was improperly scaled when exporting. I opened up the OBJ with the texture assigned to it, then used 3DS Max’s “Unwrap UV” modifier (this allows you to see the UV texture coordinates in comparison to a texture you want to use). Here’s what the issue looks like:

The square where the texture is is referred to as the “0-1 UV Space”. This is generally where all UV coordinates (the red and green lines you see in the bottom) should be. The UV coordinates, as you can see, where both outside of the 0-1 space and too big too fit in it.
This is what it should look like after proper scaling and transitioning:

I’ll PM you once I fix all the UV’s.

Is there a way to alter the Texture / Models for Dark Souls 3 ?

I looked @ the BinderTool & found nuget.exe . .
But don’t know what to do with it . .

Not yet, they’re working on decrypting the files. Progress can be found here