Question about Data Tables

Currently, I have an entity derived from base with two data tables (two bools).

I have additional entities that are also derived from that entity base, which do not have data tables on them (do not need), and currently I want to add a data table for any entities in the base… but

[lua]function ENT:SetupDataTables()
self:NetworkVar(“Bool”, 0, “BoolA”)
self:NetworkVar(“Bool”, 1, “BoolB”)

How would I setup an additional integer without conflicting with the bools from the other entities?

Bump. Anybody know?

You can have 4 of each type, just re-use your number and change the type.

[lua]function ENT:SetupDataTables()
self:NetworkVar(“bool”, 0, “BoolA”)
self:NetworkVar(“bool”, 1, “BoolB”)
self:NetworkVar(“int”, 0, “IntA”)
self:NetworkVar(“int”, 1, “IntB”)
self:NetworkVar(“int”, 2, “IntC”)
self:NetworkVar(“float”, 0, “FloatA”)