Question About Decay.

Two days in a row now I have logged on to find my “Wooden Shelter” gone, with nothing but the door remaining. I frequently use the shack so my question is why is it decaying so quickly? Or is that not even the problem? I’m just not sure how the decay feature works.

It’s not decay its the fact that its been beat down with a pick axe or a hatchet.

agreed, I myself have destroyed shelters to find loot. it doesn’t take long to break one down. I recommend upgrading to a house. It will not guarantee safety but it takes more time to gain access if done well.

Okay, can I ask how long it takes to break a shack wall down, and with what weapons? Also, can you repair walls?? Anyway to see how much damage they have taken?

I cant be sure with a rock, but I know a shelter can typically be taken down in about 2-3 minutes with a pickaxe.

It might be able to be repaired using wood, just by using it on it. but as its just a shelter I’m not sure if that’d work.

Finally, you can tell the damage by the color of the wood. The darker it gets the more dmg has been done to it.

As others have done already, I strongly recommend moving up to a wooden house, Shelters are only designed for a quick 1/2 night stay while you get the resources ready for a larger build.

wooden shelters can be chopped down…

Awesome, you guys have been very helpful. Thank you!

Sometimes if I have a ton of supplies and I do not want to waste time beating down a door with my pickaxe I just use an explosive charge and half the time it destroys the shack leaving a damaged door standing lol.