Question about destroyable lightbulbs

Planning out a map at the moment, and I was wondering if it is possible to add lightbulbs that can be destroyed, similiar to Splinter Cell.

Always thought it would be fun to have a Counterstrike Map with destructable lightsources, that way the night-vision glasses could become a more essential aspect to the gameplay.

An additional problem is that I want to tie the light to switches on the wall, so that they can be turned off and on as well, but don’t want it to work after the lightbulbs have already been destroyed.

Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

All that can be done with I/O, the hardest part would be to make the bulbs look destroyed.


I won’t go into the details of how to do it with I/O, though it is quite simple.

Ok…here goes.

Option 1. Take a light prop and put a func_breakable around the bulb. Set it to have glass gibs. Set up the light as normal, then set the func_breakable to turn the light off when broken and then lock the lightswitch button.
Option 2. As above, but link the button to the individual lights via logic relays (one per light). When the light is broken, set it to disable the logic_relay, and the setup for the switch would be to trigger the relay. As a result, when you press the switch, only the intact bulbs would turn on.

Ok then, I’ll read through the Source Wiki for the details, thank you for pointing me into the right direction!

Edit: Thank you IronPhoenix!

The most important thing to remember here though is that every time you have a breeakable light, the number of lightmaps to generate on any surface it lights up increases exponentially. More to the point, if you have 6 or more switchable lights on one surface, the game will break.

Why use logic_relays? Turn the light off and kill it.

If you use relays you could potentially have a way to “fix” the lightbulbs.