Question about .dmx's compatibility with gmod

So I attempted to compile a viewmodel with Valve’s dmx format. It compiled fine but I noticed it only put out 3 files mdl, vvd, and vtx. I loaded it into Garry’s Mod and it printed into the console that the model needed to be recompiled. Is .dmx not compatible with Gmod and if so is there away to convert it to an smd?

.dmx’s work fine afaik. What game did you compile the model for/which config and studiocompiler did you use?

I am compiling it for Gmod but used sfm’s studio mdl because its one of the two that supports the format if I remember right. I am using crowbar as my compiler runner.

Here is a better description of my situation. So when using normal smds the compiler normally spits out three main formats MDL, VVD, and VTX. With those it will also spit out variants of the VTX example .dx80.vtx .dx90.vtx .xbox.vtx ect. It does not do this how ever when I am compiling with the dxm format, it just spits out the main three. This in turn is causing the game to tell me the model needs to be recompiled.

Doesn’t SFM’s studiomdl.exe usually have problems when doing compiles for GMod? Unless I’m remembering incorrectly, SFM doesn’t compile all of the files that would normally be necessary in GMod.

I figured that was the problem but when I attempt to use any other studio mdl,even the one in the 2013 sdk, it spits out this error.

WARNING: Unserialize: Unable to open temp file "c:\users\residualgrub\desktop\cod 4 smds\g3\_temp_conversion_file_.dmx"
ERROR: c:\users\residualgrub\desktop\cod 4 smds\g3\Mosin_hlmv.qc(2): - could not load file 'test.dmx'
ERROR: Aborted Processing on 'cod4\weapons\cod_g3.mdl'
WARNING: Leaking 1 elements

That’s because it can’t find “test.dmx” in “c:\users\residualgrub\desktop\cod 4 smds\g3”

Also SDK13’s studiomodel won’t read dmx files spit out by SFM’s Maya tools, but that’s a different error.

test.dmx is present in the folder. Is there a way I can convert the dmx format to one 13 can read?

In my experience stuff like that just makes the DMX format a bigger hassle than it’s worth. There’s really no practical upside to using it, although it does make facial flexes slightly easier to compile.

None that I know of.

Also you replied before I could edit the post, I usually check and make sure things are working by statically defining my smd directory in the qc using

$cd “path o\my\smds”

The only problem is that I am basically stuck with the dmx format. When the model is exported from cod 4 it is in a Maya binary format. I attempted to move it over to 3ds using the fbx format but it breaks the animations in the process, so that is off the table. When I attempt to export it form Maya in a smd format no matter what option I chose, even animation, it just exports a model. Dmx is the only one I can get to work.

Is there a way to convert the dmx exported by maya into one that sdk2013 can read?

With the right plugin, import it into Blender, then, with the right plugin, export it into Milkshape 3D, and then (no plugins) export it to a Half-Life SMD where you can then compile it and get your .mdl file and the other stuff that comes with it (I don’t bother to remember), and then put it into GMod.

That’s a mouthful.

I’m sorry that you can not keep it a DMX, as I believe that the NEWEST version of GMod can only use MDL files.

EDIT: I’m not actually sure if you need a plugin to import a DMX into Blender.

EDIT 2: Compile with -nox360