Question about doors

I had an idea for a koth map in tf2, where one team capturing the point would put the other team at a disadvantage by blocking one of their main paths to the point with a door, but if the other team caps, their door re-opens and the first team’s door closes. It works, to some extent, but once a door has closed, it only opens for a limited time and then closes again. Is there any way to keep the doors from closing?

Set it to where the door needs to stay open indefinitely, the number would be zero. Make sure no one can open it by running into it with the flags on the door options. The door that’s supposed to close should be set to close on the other teams capture and then you should have it locked for safe keeping maybe, just in case. Set the lock about .01 seconds after you have it close. When it needs to open, just unlock it and set it to open. It won’t shut on it’s own, and nothing but the game mechanics can open or close the door except on captures.

On second thought, I think -1 would be a proper number, so the door doesn’t close by itself. 0 would have it close as soon as it opens I think. My bad.