Question about DrawOutlinedRect()

Is it possible to increase the rectangles outlined width? I know the only arguments for DrawOutlinedRect() are x,y,w,h but is there anyway to do this? or possibly another method of creating an outline with a transparent middle?

Thanks for any help in advanced.

Not natively I don’t think. Just make your own function that draws 4 rectangles to form an outline.


I made this for you because I am bored:

function surface.DrawOutlinedRectWidth( x, y, w, h, width )

    -- Top
    surface.DrawRect( x + width, y, w - width * 2, width )
    -- Bottom
    surface.DrawRect( x + width, y + h - width, w - width * 2, width )
    -- Left
    surface.DrawRect( x, y, width, h )
    -- Right
    surface.DrawRect( x + w - width, y, width, h )

Works fine with transparency.

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Concept worked out perfectly. Thank you