Question about effects

What do effects (those weird props with the green rings) actually do? Can you manipulate them in any way besides moving them around? I’ve tried looking around for information but can’t find anything about them.

Just for comics and the like, the green ring goes when you change to the camera tool

Yes, but some of them look like they can be changed somehow, like the arms and weapons in the v_models folder. I can see a pair of ramrod-straight pyro arms and an axe floating between them, but can they be changed at all?

They can’t. They’re just the models games like TF2 use for the weapon you’re holding. Since they’re not in the game world normally, the programmer didn’t code any world properties for them, so they’re classed as effects.

I see.

Well, since they’re controlled by code, would it be possible to put in said code to make them move? Keep in mind, I have NO idea how to code such things.

Is there really any point? The only ones that would animate would be the arms, and then you’d only be able to see them up to the shoulders. Just use the ragdolls the arms came from instead.