question about fakefactory's HI-res textures and mapping for gmod

I noticed some, if not most of the textures included with the games I own, which is every mountable game for gmod, except HL:S, looks pretty bad.
Could I use fakefactorie’s textures, then pakrat them into the bsp without any sort of conflict with any other textures?


The main HL2 texture are kept in the .GCF. Any textures in the HL2/materials folder has priority.

I’m just using HL2 as an example, btw.

But how about if I change the texture path from say… the default materials\ground\ground001 to materials\hires\ground\ground001 ?

Then you’ll need to change the .vmt file to accommodate the change. In this case would would change the base texture from:

"$basetexture" "ground\ground001"


"$basetexture" "hires\ground\ground001"

If you just extract the highres textures (Assuming they are designed to overwrite) you can pack them into your map and it will be fine. However any map loaded after your map with those textures will have the highres ones loaded until they restart their game.