Question about first person "visible clothes"

I just was wondering if there is any plan on give any layer, texture change or something to our character’s arms First Person texture that enhance the immersion making visible that clothes on the arms…

*I follow multiple games development and I don’t remember if something I read time ago (something about replace the First person assets with just the Third person ones) was about Rust… If its the case then just ignore this.

Also, related to this, I’m wondering if the “see around” action will be fixed on the future, so turning the neck would not allow to find “holes” on the arms where they should joint with torso.

PS: I know its not a high priority, Im just wondering if something was said about this and I missed it.

not sure if they ever talked about since Legacy but yeah i mean im buying skins like the Gloves and im not able to see them properly myself.

Would be cool if someone would start to work on this.