Question about functions.

Does this function: CTakeDamageInfo.GetDamagePosition get the position of explosions if the player was damaged by one?
Does this function: Player.LastHitGroup get the correct hitgroup even if the player was hit by a prop?

Thank you.

i think getdamageposition returns the vector where the player got hit
so it would return the position where “the blast wave first hit the player”

Well yes, but the wiki states that the guy who made the article doesn’t know what happens for other damage types. So I was wondering.

Just saying, half of the stuff in the old wiki is either outdated or just plain-out wrong…

I find it to be easier just to test the function and see for myself.

That’s the option I was gonna take anyways, considering the lack of answers :V

However the priority of the answer isn’t even that high, so that’s why i didn’t test it myself, but I asked.

Topic can be closed.