Question about Garry's Mod Viewmodels

Hello, I’m new to 3d Modelling and I’m wondering if I were to make viewmodel weapons for Garry’s Mod, how would I make it so that you could have different hands for different playermodels without using c_models? (I don’t like c_models as they cause distortion in separate viewmodels)

For example, in the game Day of Infamy, opposite sides can pick up each others’ weapons and use them, but their hands change to match their playermodel. How would this be accomplished in Gmod without using c_models? Or is the distortion in c_models avoidable? How is this even done in a game? Thank you.

Read the bottom section.

Did you read my post at all? I said I didn’t want to use c_models

Sorry, forgot to include in my post that c_models are the only way without using skins, which would require a code component.

Try this helpful tutorial:

Also, could you provide an example of the distortion you are talking about?

Sure. Here:

That’s just the way the c_models for CS:S weapons were rigged: that doesn’t have to apply to your viewmodels. Also, that’s not really “distortion”, just poor positioning.