Question about Garry's Mod

Now, I am thinking about joining Garry’s Mod again, but I’ve been hearing alot about this SethHack or whatever. What does it exactly do to a server?, I am thinking it works like a LUA virus, where once you join the server. It injects and fucks up stuff. Or is SethHack something else?

SethHack is a hack. It’s not a “Lua virus” and it doesn’t inject anything into servers. It’s clientside. It’s got an aimbot, ESP, etc.

And contrary to popular belief, it does not steal your Steam account passwords, and does not harm your computer.

Also, I’m not defending SethHack, I just think that it’s bullshit that the guy who release FapHack can be considered a “Lua King” yet the minute someone profits from people wanting to cheat, Seth is considered a “theif” and everyone makes shit up saying that he harms your PC / servers, etc.

Alright, thanks. You can never be too safe.