Question about getting the game

so I am in queue 301 and then I check 5 mins later and I go to 324, aren’t u supposed to get lower? also, does the game just go into ur steam account or how does it work.


As the position gets higher and higher the insanity kicks in. As you keep refreshing you wonder if Garry will save you. He will not. He has abandoned us all. A tear suddenly appears. Sandbox oh sandbox lets play some sandbox you sing.


If someone with greater calculated workshop points joins the queue he will be put in front of people with fewer points. And you will receive the game in Steam without doing anything else. IF you will receive it…


Thanks for clearing this up, was confused if I had to do an additional step once I reach the front of the queue.


so if i make a new workshop item now and it gets popular would i get lower in the queue?

No. Workshop content created after Jul 20 2021 isn’t counted.

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