Question about GMOD13/CS:GO

So, I have the CS:GO beta and I just have fallen in love with the weapons, can anyone verify if they will be added into gmod13 with ironsights? I’d really like to see this. I’m sure something like this has already been posted, but the search feature doesn’t work for me :S

Thanks to any who read.

It may came out as addons, but not integrated in the GMOD itself.

I believe it is integrated into Garrys Mod 13. Give it a go and post results!

Don’t see why it wouldn’t be.

It’s not. That’s Counter-Strike Source

There is Counter Strike then right below it is GO. I don’t own GO hence why it is not enabled.

facepalm it shows CS:GO under it…

I have CS:GO as a Beta access on my Steam account but you can still not mount it either way, it’s still blanked out for me with a little box icon, most likely showing that you simply can’t mount it at the time being.

Yeah , It may be added in-game but I think ironsights etc will be addons or from the workshop.