Question about gmods coding system

Hi i was wondering if it is possible to use C++ to code a scoreboard in gmod i want to make a scoreboard like CausalBananas Deathrun. If you dont know what im talking about check it out at but if its not then how would i go about making a 3d scoreboard like that?

I believe GMod is coded primarily in Lua, I find it funny you posted a C++ question in the L.U.A. Scripting section also :v: I’m not sure if one could code an addon in C++ but yet again my knowledge of coding isn’t great

lol i know but it was a mixed quiestion about lua and C++

You do not need c++ for gmod, everything can be done with glua

You can still code binary modules with C++.
But It is not used in gamemode/addon coding, that’s done with lua.

ok thanks your ollie the guy the coded facepunches pointshop?

I know that, but if he doesn’t know that gmod is mostly lua (other than the binary modules) then it would be more confusing if I said that there was.