Question about growing a community

Hey guys so I was recently informed that I will be becoming the complete owner of my community. I had a couple of questions in regards to getting more players because I want to grow and better the community. Firstly, I was wondering how I could increase populations of servers; Right now our servers are doing ok but they’re not as good as I would like them to be. Secondly, I was wondering how I could advertise the community without pissing people off. Any ideas? Thanks guys :slight_smile:

You have to give users a reason to come back. You can either give them a really good time, for example, a server that has a nice UI, yet not in your face kind of thing. You could also give players a feeling that they have accomplished something by spending some time on your server. This can be achieved by various methods, such as a currency, achievements, user status, basicly anything that can be easily obtained yet sets them apart from new players.

As for advertising, I’m not quite sure, however you could intertwine it with what I said above, and reward players that refer your server to other people. You could also make them feel proud to be a part of your community, which will make them want to include their friends as well.

Quick things to do: Listen and communicate with your players, but don’t be in their faces. Keep your server up to date. Make your server stand out (could be something as simple as a chatbox). Reward long term members, without discriminating the new ones (for example, gold members here don’t have any real benifits, apart from annoyingly big avatars, but it made people want to stick around to achieve it). Also, the golden rule, don’t copy another server.

I’ll start talking to my members about this. Thank you!