Question about hackers

Yesterday i builded my 4 hours a house with a friend , we got m4’s and we are both good at aiming.
But then two guys showed up and shoot us instantly to death. After that they were able to open (they didnt destroyed it) our metaldoor and stole all our stuff but the intresting thing was that we had so much stuff that is was impossible to put it in only two inventorys.
Now my question is: How the f**k did they do this (not a question how to hack , but i dont know if its even possible) and did you guys already saw something like this, too?

Pretty sure that most games dont activate Anti-Cheat until release, you gotta wait until after alpha, sorry man.

But when im joining a server there is in the left corner the VAC Anti-Cheat message. Is this just a warning for hacker so they wont hack or is VAC activated?

VAC is activated.

You got a point, maybe it is.

Well but i still have the question how this is possible. This just ruins my gaming experience. I hope they will give us the serverfiles.

VAC does not instantly ban the moment it detects a hack. Instead it sleeps and quietly watches, and then bans hundreds at once instead of alerting the hackers that they should move to a new exploit after the first guy gets whacked.

Okay i just got the last question: Did anybody else experienced the same?

It could of been some noclippers, but I haven’t saw one in ages so I don’t really think thats the case. Could of just been some insane lag. Idk if they C4’d your door or not because I know i the dev mode server C4’s weren’t making any noise at all so that also could be it. I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation, or there is some private hacks that are out that aren’t publicly distributed.

VAC is on my only guess is they could of blown of a wall

Well i dont think its was c4 because i saw them opening the door and the game was not lagging.
I really hope there arent private hacks out their, i dont get the point of hacking. Why do you buy a game for 20 USD and then just ruin your own experience , i mean you will get bored after some hours.

Even with hacks I don’t even think its possible to even code something that gives your permissions to somebody else’s door when let alone you can’t even give someone else permissions to that door. I’m fairly certain its set in stone that the only player that can open a door is the person who sets it. Bc if I’m not mistaken that info is server sided not client sided.

it could have been the admin of a server if it wasn’t official

So this actually means that the hack is able to see who is the owner and than fakes the identity of the owner. Thats insane. I really hope those guys will be banned very soon.

Well now you’re jumping to conclusions. I tend to think everyone is legit until proven otherwise. On top of that you didnt even get their names to prove their guiltness.

This happened on official server?, What the names of these players?
I vote in favor of ban by STEAM ID in hacking cases, because they would be excluded from all official servers.

when you died, how can you know who killed you ?

well i saw those 2 Guys , okay i wasnt on a public server maybe it was even an abusing admin.

Ok then.

Im always play on official rust servers, also i always record my games, if i see something strange, unusual, its easily to report with video.