Question about hacking

I have a member on my modded server who has unlimited ammo. I do have the plugin, but he does not have the permission for it. I’m just wondering if anyone knows if there is a hack for this?


Better to ask on the forums for the mod platform you’re using. An even better idea would be to go directly to the plugin author.

It’s also POTENTIALLY a case of backdoors. This is a common problem in Gmod addons so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s starting to happen in Rust. However, I don’t know that this is the case, just speculation.

Yeah, I asked in the mod dev forum… no one has answered. I thought I’d come here and ask. Thanks for your help.

You sure you have the permissions correct?

Yes, the day before he joined the server I had to delete all my permission data files. They were corrupt and I had to redo my groups. I also did the show group command to see his specific permissions.

Just as a precautionary step. Double check your plugin, config, & data files on your server to make sure that there is no duplicate* hidden somewhere *InfiniteAmmo.cs(1) - needs to be InfiniteAmmo.cs
If you had some corrupt files before you may not have deleted all the pertinent files. Just a thought

Will do, ty

As a modded server owner I too know the issue of dealing with players like this. You have to wonder are they hacking or is something wrong with the plugin?

Yeah and the thing is…he “was” a hacker in Legacy; he knows a lot about it. The fact that he told me it was happening makes me think he isn’t, but in the back of my head… I’m wondering. He swears up and down he isn’t because he learned his lesson blah blah blah… sigh.