Question about hair

I was wondering about plans for the new playermodel’s future. Right now he’s a bit bare. I was wondering if we will be seeing hair at a later date. It seems mildly strange that a man is walking around cueball bald in the apocalypse with a well trimmed lower forest.

Will we be seeing hair in the future and if so to what extent? Can we expect well kept survivors with minimal hair implementation or full on simulated flowing locks? What will the extent of body hair be? Will we only see the two areas doctors check most or can we expect full on bigfoot 2.0 action? Are hair colors a possibilty? What about facial hairs such as beards etc.? Can we expect full on hair lice simulation as well? Also what about hair styling? Can we expect a Gillette level of well trimmed man? will we be able to customize hair zones to become a clean front hairy back avenger?

I think that the longer your player stays alive, the longer it’s forest grows. :slight_smile:

Player model(s) will be expanded upon in the future, but right now, since we’ve got the system going on for them, we’re more focused on non-cosmetic content

Is there any current hair concept art from the dev team?

I think it takes time for making scripts that make hair grows the longer youre in and so on…

Yes but I think some development teasers on the hairy details would be nice. It’s kind of difficult for the community tocontribute to a game that has no foreseen direction

Dude no one has hair cause everyone is running into radiation all day long.

That was going to be one of my questions, but it would seem the animals still have hair