Question about Hosted by PlayRust.EU servers

Since the devs have made it clear that hacking is not their number one priority right now, if I were to rent a few servers from you will it come with the option to ban people by name/IP? Do the servers you rent have a cpanel or anything of that sort that can show current users online by name/IP, etc. It would be nice to have a player owned server that can be properly admin’d banning hackers so that legit alpha testers can properly test the game.

This is coming soon. Sign up to our mailing list at to get the news while they’re hot.

This is interesting. I’ve already seen someone from SxG clan ( [SxG]Phelps ) claiming to be a server owner and threatening to ban someone because he was killed. I guess it would really be up to him if he wanted to ruin his server community. I really hope there will be public servers to avoid admin abuse.

That’s the risk of joining private servers. Same thing goes for all other FPS games, BF4, etc.

This must either be an imposter or someone attempting to spread a lie.