Question about hosting a server with custom models.

Sup guys. I’m hosting a server so 3 of my friends can all play together! Yep, fun and stuff, but I want them to get all the models I have and such. Sometimes they can’t even download maps from my server.

So my question is how or what can I enable in the command prompt to let them download my maps and models? Hell, even lua stuff. I understand that they download the lua stuff and can then see ME using them, such as the nuke, but they can’t ever use it.

And to let you guys know, I’m just going into Gmod and hosting my server by creating the server from in game.

If you use ULX Admin mod you can add models and materials in the config file to be downloaded by players. The reason that your friends can use the nuke is because it’s an admin weapon. You can allow them to use it by adding them as admins, another feature of the ULX Admin Mod. You can tell which addons/entities are admin weapons by looking for the little golden shield at the corner of the icon.

Sweet, I’ll check it out. But I don’t have to do like cl_dlrates 1 or something like that?


Ok I’m checking it out, but I still can’t figure out how to add maps or models and stuff to this config file. Is there a read me around here that tells me how to do it or can someone just help me here?

bump, i wanna figure this out idk how to add custom models to the server with ulx.