Question about how long structures last

so shacks only last 12 hours does the count reset everytime you open the door or does it tick form the time you place it, and are houses the same way? if so how are we suppose to keep houses in place

Shelters, wooden buildings, and metal buildings all decay as well. Anything that is attached/on top of foundations all counts as one building and it will all decay at roughly the same rate.
Wood shelters begin decaying after 12 hrs.
Wood buildings begin decaying after 24 hrs.
Metal buildings begin decaying after 4 days.
You can reset the decay timer by opening/closing a door or lighting a campfire. As long as the door/campfire is a part of the building it will reset the timer for everything attached, including things like spike walls as long as they are on top of a foundation/ceiling that is attached to the rest of the building.
When the decay timer hits zero, things will begin taking damage until they are destroyed. Things will decay from the top down.

So i can have a wood shelter for a week if i keep reseting the timer right?

So in my 4 story home, if I open the bottom door once a day, my whole house is safe?

When you say they begin decaying after x hrs/days, does that mean when I open/close the door it will reset the timer or will it reset the building health(for lack of a better word atm) aswell? How long after the decaying starts will the building be destroyed?

Yes, as long as no one breaks it down… I wouldn’t rely on a shelter.

Same story, it is presumably safe, at least from decay. If it’s wooden, as long as you log in once every day and open/close a door, it should never take any damage from decay.

Remember tho, anything that is NOT attached will need repairs, such as spike walls around the outside or wood gates and things.

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It will reset the TIMER. If something has already begun decaying and you reset the timer, the HP does NOT reset and it will need repairs. Hard to say how long the actual decaying process would take, it will differ, depending on how your home is built. It will definitely decay faster at the top and work its way down.

Is there any visual signs of decay? Or does it simply disappear right now?

Things will get darker and darker the closer the get to being destroyed.

The decay timer should be doubled at least

What makes you say that? A simple wooden house has 24 hrs before it even STARTS decaying… logging in once a day is too much to ask? It is a survival game after all, I wouldn’t expect myself to be able to survive if I just stayed in bed in the wilderness for 48 hours lol.

Very cool. Thanks for the information. How do you repair a building? Don’t mean to bombard you with questions but I didn’t see any repair tools in the tool list on the wiki.

Not a problem, you just put the basic material in your hotkeys and press the button while facing what needs to be repaired. For wood things use plain ole wood, for metal use metal fragments.

There is a thin line between making a game realistic and making a game fun. If it were up to me i would increase it to 4 times the amount. I shouldn’t feel so committed to play every single day. I like sleepers and decay but it adds nothing to the experience except annoyance. That’s just my opinion, but there are many better alternatives. Maybe storms that will damage your structure at a much slower rate. I don’t know, it just doesn’t work well in my opinion.

I get it, but I can almost guarantee that if you don’t log in for 4 days your house will be empty from raiders anyways. xD

That is punishment enough haha, but they will probably make it work better down the line.

Daniel, maybe you’re misinterpreting what Sievers is saying? Decaying starts after a day but doesn’t suddenly disappear. I’d assume the decay rate is somewhat random and could takes 4 days or so? Logging in ever couple of days for 5 mins to repair anything that might have decayed is good enough for me.

I may be wrong. Wild guess.

EDIT: And yes, my buildings get raided every other day. I decided to move my valuables into small boxes in the woods. >:)

This is what I was about to post as well. The structures do not disappear once the decay timer starts. There is a wooden shelter near my own base that I hacked the door off of a little over two days ago and it’s still there along with two empty crates on the ground inside. So if that small wooden shelter is still around, I would imagine that a wooden walled structure on a foundation would last quite awhile, perhaps a week or more, if left untouched/unopened.

Mmmm I dunno about a WEEK, but definitely a couple days… probably.
I’ve been so obsessed with the game that I’m online every day for the last month or so, I haven’t actually seen any of my buildings decay xD

How does decaying work with wooden spikes and objects of that sort that do not have doors to open and close?

Afaik, wood spikes also have a 24 hr decay timer, after which they will begin decaying. I would assume that once you repair them the decay timer would reset, but I’m not 100% on that.
However, if you place foundations around your base and then put the spikes on top of them then it becomes a part of the building and the timer will be reset with doors and such.