Question about Lua Auto Refresh

I’ve made this module compatible with Linux.
But there is one thing that is strange for me:

When I run for example refresh(“includes/extensions/entity.lua”), the message “Unhandled Lua Refresh: [NAME:includes/extensions/entity.lua] [TYPE:!UNKNOWN]” comes, but the script is still not executed.

If I am not wrong, then it should be because the autorefresh system only supports gamemode files, weapons, etc., right?
That would mean that the manual use of this system doesn’t update the files.
If so, what should I do to make other files working too?

Don’t modify existing garrysmod files. You can always overwrite metatables in other libraries through the Lua registry.

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As for the auto-refresh thing, I think you’re correct with it not checking the includes/ directory for changes. If you need to update the code serverside you can always just use regular ‘include’.