Question about making animations

Hello! :wave:
Is that possible to try make some animations for main character?
Iโ€™m totally new to this forum/S&box, but I really want to help somehow in this project. :hugs:
My main software which I use is Blender (and some others for compositing).
Also - can I get somehow model of main character?
Have a nice day! :sun_with_face:

You can find the citizen model in Citizen - S&box Wiki , it is kept somewhat updated to include the latest version, with a short explanation of stuff it has.

As for the animations, you most certainly will be able to for your gamemode; But if you mean to help with making animations for the main game then your best bet would be to get hired by Facepunch since Iโ€™m not sure theyโ€™re planning to use fan-created anything other than short snippets of code in the Github page.

Gotcha, thanks for respond! :blue_heart: