Question about making menu for gamemode

Ok, so I want to make it so that when users join my gamemode, a black screen pops up with options for the user to pick a team. Then I want the user to spawn.

How would I go about doing this?

Is this a request, or are you asking how you do it?

If this is a request… Add me on Steam and I’ll do it for you: Smellyzarg

I’m asking how to do it. There. Go take a look… It explains how you make it.

I dont see anything pertaining to a black menu that pops up before the user spawns. All I see is in game GUI menus.

I want it to start out the way hl2rp does. You select all these options for your character, then you hit a button to spawn.

Black menu? Like Completly Black? If so, I suggest you do it in HUD

If your good at Photoshop then you could make a skin for menus like what GMT did.

How about you scrap the idea of the black screen at first, and do this:

And instead make ‘kill’ use your own Console Command, and hook it on the server, and change the team accordingly.