Question about models.

i have gmod, and Daz studio free version, i am planning to buy daz studio pro. but i need to know one thing first; is there a way to get my models from gmod into it? i have a huge collection of them, and very high quality ones too. the standard gmod model download consists of; a models & materials pair of folders, which i notice contains "vtx. vmt. files and others. i am new to modeling, and wanted to ask how i could get these into daz? i do not have 3ds max, but i do have blender. if that helps. i can post screengrabs of the file folders or somthing if its needed.

-snip- I read it wrong,.
it might be possible though

You would need to decompile the model(s) of interest first, and then make sure they were in a format that Daz Studio can read. I’m not familiar with that program, so I couldn’t tell you what it can read.

here is a screen grab of what it can read:

For one thing, you can export from blender in .obj format for sure. I use 3ds max, but even Blender must have obj exporter. But you’ll probably have to convert the textures, either with VTF Edit or Photoshop. But note that bones probably (not sure tho) wont be exported (if that matters to you), it will be just a model without any ability to move arms, etc…

For getting to obj, you’ll need MDLDECOMPILER and Blender smd importer.

Open MDLDECOMPILER, select the model you want to decompile and press decompile. Youll get a lot of files out, most of them smd, the largest smd is probably the reference which you need.

is this website right here used by moddlers? i think if i managed to get the textures, and the model outright i could rig it with this.

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oh if a tutorial exists for modelling, id i love directions to it

As far as I know, models for Garry’s Mod would use the standard valve rig.
If you use any other rig, I’m pretty sure you’ll have to redo all of the animations.