Question about Multi-core rendering.

Hey guys,

Before I start, please understand, THIS IS A QUESTION NOT A RANT (read the whole thing before posting…). Now that that’s out of the way, I see people getting permabanned every time someone make a post (witty or otherwise) about how Garry should implement multi-core rendering (now that Source supports it). I was wondering, how much of Garry’s Mod’s overlaying Lua code would have to be rewritten to implement multi-core rendering and how long would it realistically take given the resources. I know Lua/C/etc… but I don’t know GLua or the framework of Garry’s Mod’s Lua structure (documentation is not there :P). Would someone (maybe Garry if you’re not too busy?) answer this? As well as for other things people have been saying (like server side multi-core, LuaJIT lag, etc…), what does it really take to fix them. If someone can answer my questions, it would be greatly appreciated.



Documentation is or

Uh, it is implemented?

The option is there, but it does nothing.

About LuaJIT lag. The only situation where there’s lag (which I’ve noticed) is when using wiremod. As garry himself said, there’s probably code that keeps recompiling.

Seems silly to me. If Wiremod is the only thing holding back LuaJIT then Garry should force it anyway and let them work out the details.

Oh. Sorry then. I was only saying that because I saw the option in the options menu.

When I said Lua structure I meant the code itself, how it’s been coded does it make adding multi-core significantly difficult, all I see on the wiki is reference material for devs, nothing about how the Lua system is coded.

turn threading optimization on in your gpu control panel for gmods hl2.exe

All performance related settings are already on.