Question about Nextbot documentation?

The official documentation is pretty lacking, which is surprising since gmod is a popular game. When you have a question your options are reading through other people’s github code hoping they did something similar so you can learn by example, or coming here and browsing questions from others and hoping that they are semi-related, or asking a question and hoping someone answers it. I don’t even know which I’m “supposed” to use - SNPC or Nextbot, except for some random person on this forum who said Nextbot is better.

I was wondering if it would be worth it to work on a more comprehensive documentation. Maybe have a FAQ thread featuring currently-working code examples?

it would be worth the work, but if someone wants to do it? Meh.

Pretty much all’s you have to learn is the concept behind coroutines and how to use them in Lua.

The easiest way to think about them is a function that can pause itself, and that another function can unpause somewhere until it either yields (“pauses”) again or returns.

Regarding documentation, well, sadly it won’t ever be as good as the Python docs for example.

There is a pretty good thread about the topic here:

Most questions have been answered there.