Question about NPC' and nodes.

I did some experimenting with NPC’s and nodes on construct and other maps that have nodes and I noticed that if you do ‘ignore player’ the zombies will stop shambling around the map and just stand idle. It’s the same with zombies that can’t see any enemy or player. Is there a way to make it so that an npc still moves around [as in randomly walks/patrols from place to another] without having an enemy in sight?

Such as for example I’m inside a building and on the far other side of the map there are zombies that just stand idle. They will only roam around IF an enemy player or NPC is in sight - other than that they just stand frozen. Is there a way to make it so that the zombies or npc’s will roam around regardless of a player in sight?

I just spawn an Antlion in front of the Zombie then remove it right after the Zombie sees, then the Zombie will start shambling around.

It will eventually stop shambling though and stand still. I don’t want that. For instance if I’m in a map with a basic set of nodes. Like dm_lockdown, and if I spawn a bunch of zombies that see me they’ll shamble. But if I go out of their vision for an extended period of time I noticed (using the Camera tool on them to not be physically present) they stand still overtime.

Is there a way to make them constantly shambling around? I don’t like it when they get still. This strangely only happens in Gmod too. When I play other hl2 mods it doesn’t do this.