Question about NPCs

I’m doing a machinima right now and I’m stuck at this one scene.

I know that this IS possible, but I just don’t know how exactly.

I need to know a few things:

-> how do I make an NPC walk from A to B (I know you can with console comands but isn’t there an esier way? Like an addon?)

->how do I get an NPC to knock at a door? I know there is an animation for this, but how do I make an npc play it?

also: if both of these can be done through the console, is there an addon which makes this easier? because using the console while frapsing from a set ingame camera is kind of nuts.

For the NPC walk attribute, it can be done VIA console. This is what you have to do:

Type, with your cross-hairs facing at the desired NPC, npc_select

Then type in console npc_go_do_run 1

Then, with your cross-hairs facing any desired part of the ground, type npc_go

Once the NPC is done moving to said location you have to manually go into console and type the same ‘npc_go’ command into the desired ground. However, if you want to go less-ghetto on this and just want an addon to ease it up a bit. Here you go: (

If that doesn't work try downgrading to its less recent version. That one might of been broken by some update:

There’s an option that allows you to select and de-select NPC’s at will. Or select packs of them and have them move all at once in a unit-like formation - very useful for Combine soldiers and whatnot. Or if you’re filming battle scenes for a Machinima.

For the Knocking on the door part; I don’t think it can be done VIA console. But you can find a knocking on door animation here, which includes a handful of other very useful NPC animations:

Thank you, very much
Those are both the exact addons that I needed.

Edit: got it all fixed now, thank you.

You might want to consider also using Henry’s animation tool, it lets you create animations for props and ragdolls like motion tweening. Download here. Thread here