Question about Oxide (please help)

If you install Oxide on your server, does it requires a wipe ?


Wrong place to ask for help, but I’ll help anyways.

A: No. You have the option to wipe the server. However, from what I understand from quite a few users is that after installing a mod, a wipe is recommended because it tends to cause issues with the current save file. However, this could be faulty information.

Secondly: You should wipe after installing a mod, because the fact of the matter is you are modifying the server from its original state to an altered state, and therefore to even out the balance you should wipe it. This will allow the plugin to run smoothly as well as allow people to be on an equalized playing field for a fresh start.

My server was wiped 1/17 after we installed Rust++. It’s just a common good practice to issue a wipe after an update of that nature. Same with official updates… wipes usually happen because of changes.

I’ve previously had players complain about the frequency of wipes due to patches - honestly its an Alpha you cant expect not to have to wipe the server. Especially when things like Anti-Hack measures are added. I do mine on an update, or on a fortnightly schedule (which is about when Facepunch update anyway) which seems to do the trick.

No, and there’s no need to wipe. Make sure you shut down the server first. Don’t listen to the above. If you don’t want to wipe, then don’t.