Question about perp

Is there a svn for perp and how big would it be once its done downloading?

I heard its like 2000 downloads but i don’t know how big the file would be.

The game mode use to be. If your taking about content(models,materials…) your in the wrong section.

has perp actually been officially released then?

Goto the under Downloads you’ll find the content download.

Lexic: It probably wont be officially for download ,but people leak it. You could use it ,but it would most likely get your admins ,and yourself banned from PERP2 ,and GMR2(before it comes out) which are the most up to date versions of PERP ,and GMR.

so theres no official way of downloading perp except joining the server and waiting for it to download?


Read what I said.
Goto the site. Click download tab. Click Content Download.

You cant DL it from the server. You can get a leak, but 99% of them broked.


If you mean the gamemode

It’s not broked people are dumb. You need the Pulsar Addon to run it. Plus on the down side, it use’s mysql compared to tmysql. Hunts updated like early last year to tmysql. I do have a copy but have misplaced my Pulsar Addon.


@chuck14 Also you can only download shared and client information.

Exactly what I’m trying to say. You cant DL the gamemode from the server. Only stuff for the client (like the hud). though, you can probably find old copies of the gamemode around the internet. But 99% of them are broken

Like others have said you cannot download the PERP1 gamemode for use on a server legally. All servers running normal PERP1 are stolen gamemodes.

Well you might as well, seeing how blackfur shut down PE.

Dude dont download perp, some geeks stole the gamemod.
That Hunts and Blackfur used much time on. And Perp2 is out, so why not play on the orginal server?
They got a forum kinda like facepunch, i give you the link here:

<Download Perp gamemode, and get Permbanned!>

PERP 2 has been shutdown by the owner, Hunts.

I know that, Blackfur Hunts might upload the new map atm.

No chief, PE is no more. Blackfur ,and Hunts shut it down early this morning.

after a whole second of googling, I found this:

-snip- god damnit Deraj.


apparently the actual download link is in the download…

blackfur shut it down, as far as i know and from some former pe admins told me that hunts doesnt even know.

Its sooo confusing… so Perp was not actually supposed to be released and some guy stole it and hosted a server?

Why do you block out that you store it in the D:/PERP/ folder?

Apparently the drive label is HP_RECOVERY. :v:

The C Drive’s label is HP_PAVILION.

Why did you even bother to block that?


You also have Teamspeak3, Chrome, Explorer and Notepade++ open.


A copy of PERP was leaked when a SVN of a half done update to PERP which added stuff like the Murc was compromised by someone and they decided to give around the gamemode, this leak also compromised their box and forced them to reformat. Another copy of PERP, the last version of PERP1 which uses tmysql. The version most of you know was leaked by CaM who was given access to their box to remove a trojan which Stan Decarlo had on their box because a week or so after he removed it Stan came back and BlackFur chargebacked him so he gave out their server files to anyone who wanted them. (At least according to him, all the admins deny this ever happening and either blame it on Stan or ‘The Exiled’)

PERP2 hasn’t really had a public leak to what I know about, someone might have it but I don’t.

Dude no…
I will now pm many of the admins, iam sure he wont shut it down now.
He have waited for a map in mounth, and it will come up this week, or next.
Trust me, it is not shutted down.


The spy, yes hunts released it, but a geek stole it.
Now many traitiors have the gamemod.